Lost and Found Pet Helpful Hints

PREVENTION IS THE BEST CURE …• Do not leave your pet outside unattended, even if you think “my cat/dog NEVER leaves the yard”.  Pets can be stolen from your own property.• Keep a collar on your pet with ID tags listing emergency phone numbers• Have your pet microchipped and keep registration papers updated with current information.• If you have Invisible Fence™ or similar type underground barrier, make sure the fence collar is in good working order, with good batteries, and is ON your pet.

• Keep a current photo of your pet with accurate description (weight, color, unique markings, etc.)


• Talk to your neighbors.  The most obvious place to begin your search is around the neighborhood.  Leave your phone number with a current photo and description of your pet.

• Use your pet’s favorite toy.  A squeaky toy or other noisemaker can enhance your pet’s ability to hear you calling their name.

• Use scent to attract.  Try placing food or a recently worn article of clothing somewhere outside your house.  Your pet may use their exceptional sense of smell to find their way home.

• Try quiet time.  Searching the surrounding area during quieter hours can be of great help.  Alternate between calling your pet’s name and stopping to listen for a bark or meow.

• Call your nearest animal shelter, township official or police station to report your missing pet.  Often times a good Samaritan has called in to report finding a lost or stray animal, and the information can be matched.